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I am a Wedding and Portrait photographer located just east of Atlanta in Covington and I am so excited you're here! This must mean something special is happening soon? My style can be described as romantic, warm and true to color with rich tones. I live for chasing sunsets with my Camera in hand & a venti iced shaken espresso from Starbucks!! When I’m not working, I’m spending time with my precious kids, Madilynn & Brady. Going into year 8 of photographing weddings, I want you to know..

I truly love what I do. Photography has shaped who I have become and has really let my creative outlet take full on control. I love to capture individuals and couples in moments. Being able to truly capture a moment of a laugh, smile or a cry can create so much emotion in a photo. It is a blessing to serve so much happiness & value to my clients. I love to laugh with you (lets be honest, cry as well) & I love to be EXCITED with you. You can find me dancing in the corner at wedding receptions with my camera pointed at you. Did I convince you that Im pretty fun to be around? I know you're ONLY expecting to get the most BEAUTIFUL photos of your day, but I also provide the MOST seamless process with transparent communication during the entire planning/post Wedding process. I am here to be more than just a vendor, let help you have the best day, EVER. Lets CHAT!

Hey there, I’m Molly!

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